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H040 Composer

The main focus for this app was to make it intuitive and convenient. Tap together a quick drum loop and experiment with drum patterns.
We managed to include all features in a single-screen interface, without any menu hustle. The settings are all saved on-the-fly, no matter if you jump between the sets or close the app. This way we made sure you won't loose your ingenious riddims.

H040 Composer

We tried to make interaction as hustle-free as possible and focussed on the very essential features and thereby making them as accessible as possible. No cascaded submenu structures - just everything on one screen:

  • one 1/16th loop pattern
  • 9 fine tuned drum samples (for now)
  • Seperater Pitch and volume control for each individual sound
  • BPM control
  • 6 independent drumloop sets (with autosave)
  • reset for setting back all adjustments within the current set

The sets

The 6 numbered buttons, are the so called sets. Within a set you can create a drum pattern, manipulate volume and pitch of each sound and set a speed.
Once you change to another set all current settings and adjustments will be saved to the previously active set.
So you can have up to 6 different drumloop configurations in your app. The sets are totally independent from each other and can't be combined etc.

The sounds

The app contains ONE fixed - non replacable Drumset, consisting of 9 well-shaped 808 style Sounds, each abbreviated by 2 Characters (BD = Basedrum, RS = Rimshot ...)
The active sound (indicated by small green led) can be manipulated by volume and pitch. To check the current setup of one sound, select the sound and hit the trigger button on the right.

The sequencer buttons

Each of the sounds has its own 1/16th loop pattern, which is initially empty. To use a sound in the drumloop - choose the sound from the sound menu and select sequencer buttons.


I just got the app, pressed play but nothing is happening

Take a deep breath - that's perfectly normal. We decided to not place any premade rythms or demo in this app, since it's for you to create them. We just provide the tool. simply pick a sound from the soundselection menu and start distributing them on the sequence buttons. - Then press start.

Is the rythm sometimes a little bit off, or is it just me?

Probably, it's the app. The capabilities of the Android Sound library are quite limited - not to forget about some hardware issues. And even small latencies in sound can be already very disturbing. Maybe it could be better, if we would have written our own Android Sound Library in some low level language, but hey - we are just two guys who wanted to have sth like this ourselves and so we made it - and you can have it for free and even without stupid advertisment on top of it. So, if you're not happy with it, just quietly deinstall the app - no need to give us a zero star rating for our effort.

I have a feature request

We probably not gonna make it - since we have some features in our head already, but not time to actually build that stuff - but we always like to hear, what other people would appreciate - so just drop us a comment or a message, if you like.

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